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YeDub is an amazing dub application with a unique concept blossomed by the creators of YePaisa. Here, you can Create/Share short selfie video/audio messages dubbed in the voice of the famous personalities you adore.

Amongst the sweeping array of dialogues from many famous personalities belonging to different sector like Bollywood, Politics, sports etc. you can select the one and deliver it to someone special.

What has made us the trailblazer in this industry is our pristine concept of customizing the messages. To elaborate, you can now record your own message and dub the same in the voice you desire. Isn’t it amazing?

Now whether it’s a festival, birthday or anniversary creating custom greetings has never been so easy and not to forget the Hindi Movie Masala Tadka which just makes everything better.

Let’s now see what’s in store for you.

Dialogues on Order

Now create custom dialogues of your choice using yedub custom dialogues feature. Just record your dialogue, select the celeb voice and be a Rockstar.

Library of Voices

Choose from our existing Voice database, pick your favorite celebrity voice and record the dialogue of your choice.

Hundreds of Dialogues

Choose the dialogue of your choice ranging from different moods and languages. Create Selfie videos instantly and share with friends and family.

One Touch Share

Share your dubs with friends on facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and other social media using in app one touch share feature.

Create your own celebrity style

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Why Like Us

Yedub is cool because of the freshness of its dialogue library. It’s customizable to your needs and lets you record dialogues of your choice that to in your favorite celebrity voice. You can explore our many categories of dialogues as per your mood or the latest trend.


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Why Do YeDub

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Are you bored sending the same stickers, notes, post and whatsapp chats, wanna try something different and make your chatting experience Fun and entertainment. Use Yedub to give your chats your personal style signature and be a Rockstar among your friends.

If you always had a nag for mimicry and think your humor is certainly appealing. Yedub Custom dubs help you achieve the same, order and create custom dialogues suitable to your style and give it the Voice of your favorite celebrity. Not just that avail your dubs for Public Access and make everyone go gaga…

Use the HINT Feature in the interface to get an idea of the celebrity style and then adjust it as per your style and create the most awesome dubs ever. Use one touch SHARE to be show the same to your groups, chats, friends, family and acquaintances.

Everything has a catch and limited. Earn Dub coins on Signup and for every referral you make. You can also Visit our platform YePaisa to EARN Dub Coins by playing our awesome games and embrace the concept of PLAY. EARN .REDEEM.

Be a Dub Artist

Do you have secret talent that you still are figuring out about yourself? Do you & friends find you hilarious from time and again. Do you consider yourself a DUB ROCKSTAR Waiting to be unleashed to the world?

Well NOW the WAIT is OVER

Presenting Yedub the newest and coolest dub app in the market. Yedub is looking for talented and gifted individuals who certainly have a penchant for the art of mimicry and dubbing. The job unlike others pays you to be a STAR. Everything aside we are looking for genuine people who appreciate this art form and all they need is an audience to perform and mesmerize.

Yedub is all about giving you that chance so you can be the Swagger Dude or Duded to your friends and social circle.

To Enroll is a Simple Process

Mail us your portfolio at dub@yedub.com

Our Backend team will run a check on the same and BA DA BING, BA DA BANG …\
Soon you and your talent are at a disposal of all you ever wanted.

The same is based on first come first serve basis and the right to review and judge your piece remains with YeDub

Our Dubstars

Have a look through the cool swagger of some of our Dub Rockstars, it’s their style that makes us apart from the others.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Yedub's services. Please provide the following information about your business needs to help us serve you better. This information will enable us to route your request to the appropriate person. You should receive a response within 48 hours.

Contact Info

For your queries regarding dub Coins, dub quality and any other bugs please mail us on dub@yedub.com or raise a request from app.